10 things you can do right now to fill your head with pictures

1. Lay In A Dark Room And Listen To Big Music

I like to lay in the dark and listen to sun ra or britney spears

2. Turn Your Head Upside Down, Stand On Tables, Or Crawl On The Ground

Things look brand new if you just look at them differently. Isn't this in dead poets society??? Carpe diem

3. join a secret club at your all boys high school where you crawl into a cave at night and read poetry to eachother. i did this it works

4. Write Down And Draw Your Dreams

flying spiders. a corner store that does not exist. i had a dream where i became Death. Death is time warping through an eternal hallway, flinging doors open and indiscriminately reaping the resident souls with its lazer eyes.

5. Dwell On Your Feelings

dwell until you finally vanquish them forever in a Great Purge. just do whatever, just do whatever its fine, just do anything, . what do they look like? just do whatever

6. Think About What You'd Rather Be Doing

imagine what could be happening right now. where do you want to be? what do you want to do there? i usually want to be either in the sky or in a dark velvet box with my dogs ghost

7. Imagine The Contents

think about what's happening inside of things or places like area 51 i know they have aliens in th
What sort of creatures could be living between the bricks in your wall? see if you can come up with some sort of folklore for your environment. What's going on in your weird neighbors house???

8. Take A Walk And Look At The Litter

try to see if you can come up with a story for how it got there. i got an idea for a story about a rogue faerie apocalypse from looking at a discarded prescription bottle. i kept that bottle, and sometimes i wonder if me taking it started a chain reaction that will eventually lead to my demise.

9. Look At Horrifying Images

SCare yourself so much that can't STOP thinking of images. once you can see the shadow people, make friends with them.... galavant through the fields... strongly recommend you look at 11 Giant Creatures Caught On Tape

10. Just Make A Pinterest

just make a pinterest account